Introducing the UK’s first cargo bike share pilot.

In partnership with the Zero Emissions Network, you can hire one of eight electric cargo bikes in the London Borough of Hackney. Cargo bikes are available for hire via the Beryl App.

£1.50 to unlock,
10p per minute
80kg carry limit
Assist up to 15mph

Getting started

Download the Beryl app to hire a cargo bike and to learn how to open the cargo bike hubs.

Search for the Beryl app

Download the Beryl app from the Play StoreDownload the Beryl app from the App Store


Unlock a cargo bike for £1.50 and ride for 10p per minute.

Journeys that end outside a designated cargo bike hub incur a £5 fee.

Journeys that end outside the operating area (visible in the Beryl app) incur a £10 fee.

How it works

Finding a cargo bike

Find a cargo bike in one of four hubs:

Fleetwood Street
Broadway Market
Pitfield Street
Boundary Street

Start your ride

Unlock the cargo bike hub with the Okey app

When you sign up to the Beryl app, an Okey account will be created for for you.  Download the Okey app onto your phone, you need this to open one of the secure hubs.

When you reach a hub, use the Okey app to remotely open it. Make sure you have Bluetooth switched on.

Once unlocked, the hub lid will unlock and rise slightly.

Push up the lid gently and it will begin to rise automatically.

We use contactless tech on our cargo bikes. Open the Beryl app and hold your phone over the unlock pad to begin your journey.

Switch on the cargo bike and lights before setting off.

Press the far right button power button on the control panel, and then the middle button for lights.

Remember to lock the hub at the start and end of your journey.

Pause your ride

The pause ride feature gives you the flexibility to make short stop-offs during your journey. While the ride is paused, no-one else can use the cargo bike - the ride fee of 10p per minute still applies while paused.

There are two ways to pause your ride:

When you arrive at your destination, open the app and tap ‘pause my ride’. You will see another screen asking you to lock your cargo bike. Once the cargo bike is locked, your ride will pause.

If you stop and lock your cargo bike, and then decide you only want to pause your ride and not end it, check the app.  You will see a one-minute countdown. Tap “pause ride”.

If you don’t choose an option, your journey will end once the minute is up.

You can pause your ride for a maximum of 2 hours. While your ride is paused, you will see a countdown in the app to show how long you have left. You can pause your ride multiple times during your ride, as long as combined this doesn't exceed 2 hours.

Ending your ride

Remember to return the cargo bike to the same hub where you hired it. Once the cargo bike is inside and placed on its kickstand, push down the rear wheel lock to end your journey and secure the cargo bike.

Things to remember

You must return your cargo bike to its start location at the end of your ride.

You should not end your ride outside a hub. Doing so will incur a small penalty.

You can lock your cargo bike outside a hub when pausing your ride. You can pause as many times as you like within the same ride, for a maximum of 2 hours in total.

When pausing your ride be sure to park your cargo bike responsibly, ensuring it isn't an obstruction to others.

Get the app

Search for the Beryl App

Download the Beryl app from the Play StoreDownload the Beryl app from the App Store